Population genetics seeks to understand how the genetic composition of populations changes as they evolve. The course will cover the fundamental evolutionary processes, and especially, selection. Random drift and the coalescent will be covered more fully in “Applications of Stochastic Processes”, which requires somewhat more mathematics. Lectures will be accompanied by simulation exercises.
The course is aimed at both biology and DSSC tracks. Clashes with other evolution/modelling/bioinformatics courses should be avoided.

I had intended teaching this every other year, alternating with AppStochProc. However, if there is sufficient demand, I will teach it every year

Target group: Students with an interest in evolutionary/population genetics; possibly also appropriate for students interested in biological modelling.

Prerequisites: Basic mathematical and computational ability, some knowledge of evolution (e.g. Intro to Evolution, or equivalent).

Evaluation: Homework (no exam)

Teaching format: Lectures, problems classes

ECTS: 3 Year: 2020

Track segment(s):
BIO-EVO Biology - Evolutionary and Population Biology

Nicholas Barton

Teaching assistant(s):
Ksenia Khudiakova Arka Pal

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