Plant Cell and Developmental Biology course will offer PhD students core lectures addressing contemporary topics and challenging questions of plant cell and developmental biology. Students will be introduced to the concepts, scientific fundamentals and methodologies central to contemporary plant biology. At the end of the course students should have an understanding of the experimental approaches, and how they are applied to specific problems in cell and developmental biology; should be able to understand and interpret simple experiments in cell and developmental biology. Assessment for this course will be through ability of students to present selected research article, and to prove its understanding in general context during following discussion.

Target group: Students interested in contemporary molecular and genetic tools and their implementation to address cell and developmental biology questions.

Prerequisites: None

Evaluation: None

Teaching format: None

ECTS: 3 Year: 2020

Track segment(s):
BIO-CELL Biology - Cell and Developmental Biology

Eva Benková Jiří Friml

Teaching assistant(s):

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