Students will learn about advanced topics in Structural Biology through lectures and dissection of the primary literature. Topics included will be the structure and function of proteins and protein complexes, particularly large assemblies and membrane proteins. Methods covered in detail will include X-ray crystallography and cryo-EM methods, including single particle analysis and tomography. Quantitative and interdisciplinary perspectives on the topics will be highlighted. Students will further develop their independent thinking, knowledge of the techniques utilized in these areas, and ability to critically assess the literature.

Target group: None

Prerequisites: None

Evaluation: Extensive reading in preparation for discussions, recitations, an exam at the end of the course consisting in writing of the essay on the publication of choice. 25% final essay/
25% presentation in class/30% participation in class/20% participation in recitations

Teaching format: None

ECTS: 6 Year: 2020

Track segment(s):
BIO-MOL Biology - Molecular and Structural Biology

Carrie Bernecky Leonid Sazanov Florian Schur

Teaching assistant(s):

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