This course is a follow-up of the Bioinformatics course (Spring 1). Students of the first course can chose to do a guided 6-week project to obtain more practice in the analyses that they learned during the practicals. Projects will either be based on data provided by the students, or designed using published data for a novel purpose.

Target group: Students of the course "Bioinformatics (Spring 1)" who would like the opportunity to get more guided practice in genomic/gene expression analyses and their applications.

Prerequisites: Having taken the Bioinformatics course.

Evaluation: A final project report.

Teaching format: The first week will be used to design a short project using the bioinformatics tools taught in the first course. We will then meet twice a week to work on the specific analyses.

ECTS: 3 Year: 2020

Track segment(s):
BIO-QUANT Biology - Quantitative and Computational Methods in Biology
DSSC-QUANT Data Science and Scientific Computing - Quant. and Comput. Methods in Biology

Beatriz Vicoso

Teaching assistant(s):

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