MOVED TO SPRING 2 This course introduces the fundamental concepts of neuronal pathways and methods of tracing and optogenetics/chemogenetics in vivo.
Aims at covering both, the basic concepts and methods of virus-mediated neuronal tracing and expression of channelrhodopsin/DREADD, optogenetic/chemogenetic stimulation, and detection of immediate early gene expression, as well as how they are applied to address specific research questions.
Is divided in a theoretical and a practical part to allow a full spectrum of experimental design using useful websites like Allen Brain Atlas, performing virus injection and optogenetic/chemogenetic stimulation experiment, preparation of brain sections and IEG detection, analysis of the obtained data, and discuss the results.

Target group: The course is for all students, who are interested in neuronal tracing and optogenetics/chemogenetics. No previous experience in mouse surgery is needed. The focus of the course is mostly on the mammalian system, in particular mice.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in neuroscience. It is required to take neuroscience track core course.

Evaluation: The participant is expected:
to actively participate at the discussions during lectures/ recitations,
to solve regular assignments
to prepare a short presentation at the end of the course to show the results of the practical and to evaluate/ discuss/ troubleshoot the obtained results.

Teaching format: The course is divided in a theoretical (interactive lectures and recitations) and a practical part. In the practical part, the group is divided in teams of two. The schedule of the practical will be flexible and will depend on the experimental outcome.

ECTS: 3 Year: 2020

Ryuichi Shigemoto

Teaching assistant(s):

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