This course will provide an introduction to modelling in biology. The focus will be on key biophysical concepts and their practical application to contemporary cell and developmental biology problems. Examples of topics that will be covered include diffusion processes, reaction-diffusion models of developmental patterning, cell and tissue mechanics, point processes. The course will include lectures, problem solving sessions and discussions of relevant publications.

Target group: Life Scientists interested in quantitative biology, and in understanding the theoretical framework behind some key biophysical concepts.

Prerequisites: Having taken some of the math refreshers “Math for Life Scientists” courses in the fall semester. Prior coursework on “Math for Life Scientists: Differential equations” is an advantage.

Evaluation: Participation, homework and presentation.

Teaching format: Lectures, practical assignments and paper discussions.

ECTS: 3 Year: 2019

Track segment(s):
BIO-QUANT Biology - Quantitative and Computational Methods in Biology

Edouard Hannezo Anna Kicheva

Teaching assistant(s):
Zuzana Dunajova

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