Every big biological problem has a structural, mechanical, evolutionary, genetic and population side to it. The goal of the biology core course is to illustrate that fundamental biological problems and phenomena can be approached from vastly different angles.
In this course, we will bridge different areas in biology to show students how fundamental biological problems and phenomena can be approached from different perspectives.
This year we will discuss one broad topic: Spatiotemporal organization. The instructors will provide a list of papers to be studied, typically in the form of a review paper or something equivalent.

Target group: Students planning to affiliate in a biology research group are encouraged to choose this course as their track core course.

Prerequisites: A background in life sciences is desirable; students without a life-science background are encouraged to attend other life science courses in the fall the Fall semester, or to contact the instructor in due course.

Evaluation: Presentations, participation, final written exam.

Teaching format: Lectures, discussion

ECTS: 6 Year: 2019

Track segment(s):
BIO-CORE Biology - track core course

Nicholas Barton Eva Benková Carrie Bernecky Johann Danzl Edouard Hannezo Carl-Philipp Heisenberg Anna Kicheva Martin Loose Florian Schur Sandra Siegert

Teaching assistant(s):

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